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Facts Born: 20 April 1965 Hamar , County of Hedmark , Norway Height: 1.70 m Weight: 65kgs Unmarried No children

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Places of Residence through the years
1965-66: Hamar County of Hedmark Norway
1966-83 / 84-85: Os i Østerdalen County of Hedmark Norway
1983-84: Zionsville (Boone County) Indianapolis Indiana USA
1985-86: Mons Bruxelles Hainaut Belgium
1987-88: Rena County of Hedmark Norway
1988-89: Stavanger Rogaland Norway
1989-92: Halden Østfold Norway
1992: Skien Telemark Norway
1993: Lørenskog Akershus Norway
1993- : Oslo Norway
Education and employment
Grammar and junior high School:
1972-81: Os skole
High School:
1981-85: Holmen videregående skole Tynset County of Hedmark Norway
1983-84: Zionsville Community High School Zionsville Indiana USA
University / College:
1987-88: Hedmark College Organisation and Management Studies
1988-89: University of Rogaland English and French for Business Studies, Visual Communication
1989-92: Østfold College Computer Science Studies
1992: Telemark County Administration Executive Officer Computer Network Engineer
1993-94: HELTEF - University Hospital of Akershus Executive Officer Head of IT Office
1994-97: Ministry of Environment Norway Senior Executive Officer / Adviser
1997- : Government Administration Services Adviser
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Main interests
Staying in shape by running and biking both at the health club and in the parks and countryside of Oslo . Whenever there is snow I often go cross country skiing .
Previously immensely involved in football both as a player as well as a spectator . Career as an active player: Os IL (Os, Norway - goalkeeper, defender , midfielder, striker), Vikings (Mons, Belgium - midfielder), SHAPE International (Mons, Belgium - striker), Rena IL (Rena, Norway - defender, midfielder), Vaulen IL (Stavanger, Norway - midfielder), Halden FK (Halden, Norway - midfielder), Gjerpen IL (Skien, Norway - striker), Herkules IF (Skien, Norway - midfielder, striker), SiA BIL (Lørenskog, Norway - striker), Celtic BIL (Oslo, Norway - midfielder, striker), Sogn SK (Oslo, Norway - midfielder, striker). Former member of the editorial staff of the fanzines The Kopite and News from Paradise .
Also active in tennis and golf (member of Sorknes Golf Club ). Other sports I quite like: American football , athletics, handball, basketball, car racing.
Highly engaged in taking stills with my Nikon or Olympus digital camera. I'm also very interested in the art of motion picture and entertainment and historical litterature . At times I film with my JVC / Panasonic camera,
Owner of a music collection containing approxemately 1000 LP / MC / CDs ; prog, sympho, rock, pop, heavy, motown, soul, Irish folk, trance, techno, dance, ambient, classic. When I get the time I play on my Yamaha keyboard and Medeli drum set creating music with the Magix MusicMaker and storing the files at Mp3.com .
Science and Technology:
Information and Electronic Technology , Industrial Research and Astronomy
Travel and Culture:
Particularily fond of the Australian scenery, Celtic and British culture, world cuisine , wines of the world.
Member of the Conservative Party of Norway and the European Movement .
I greatly enjoy my Volvo 740 GL
Nothing is like a coddling cat .
Military Service:
1985-86: SHAPE NATO
English Norwegian
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Bislet, Oslo

Friends and relatives
Kjetil Hval
Finn Hval
Anne Hval
Morten Græsby
Kjell Rune Jørgensen
Carin Samnøy
Trude Bjørkedal
Trude Barstad Thoresen
Trude Refvem
Ingvild Stensrud
Siri Tjessem Fjælberg
Linda Edvardsen
Tina Loraas
Silja Selven Moe
Emese Beatrix Tuka
Lena Ramsvik
Hilda Fro Prins Kløvedal Jensen
Rita Klaver
Marianne og Mette
Giselle Martine
Blanche Neige
Torill Berdal
Sissel Solum
Bente Ringlund
Margareth Eidsæther
Kristin Burmeister
Hege Grønnevik
Jeanette Torgersen
Ildri Myhre
Tove Midtlyng
Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland
Lise Askvik
Carmen Tetley
Vicki Ellis
Harald Harsson
Sverre Lystad
Ali Zeybek
Kjetil Pedersen
Håkon Sirnes
Stig Bjerke
Per Henrik Johansen
Espen Berge
Arve Josefsen
Thor Atle Rustad
Morten Rennesund
Steinar Skagemo
Ørnulf Schømer
Jan Øksnes
Inge Skuseth
Vidar Thomassen
Arne Danielsen
Olav Slettan
Lars-Erik Nygaard
Kjetil Paaske
Lars Bjønnes
Jørgen Husfloen
Stig Meldalen
Olav Weider
Jens Haviken
Ivar Thoresen
Erlend Øverby
Vidar Haug
Roar Flaten
Roar Johnsen

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